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New Internet Service Now Available

The upgrade to the library's internet service is now available for use by the general public. Three new Gateway computers are up and running using Time Warner's RoadRunner broadband internet connection. This new system was made possible through a generous gift from The Bill and Melinda Gates' Foundation, our sincere thanks to all parties who have helped make the library a modern resource for research and education.

Visitors will find not only enhanced internet services but also the latest software from the Microsoft Corporation, a new Hewlett Packard LaserJet Printer and a large Gateway content server for the World Wide Web

If you have not visited the library recently you are sure to be impressed with this most recent addition, so be sure to stop by.

This site is brought to you through the courtesy of NORTHNET. Take a moment sometime to visit them and explore other library sites in Northern New York.

Now that your here look around and check out our site, or if you've been here before and want to get to our links. Go right in. We are under construction so please bear with us.

The Library is in Theresa, a small community located in upstate New York . Known as the "Land Of Lakes", Theresa is surrounded by a dozen beautiful fresh water lakes. Our Library takes its heritage from our location and within its walls you can hear the stories of a proud past.

Our beginning can be traced to Mr. Edson Getman, who first called for the formation of a public library. But it was George L. Putman, New York City merchant and former resident, in the 1900's, who made a gift of books to begin the Library. Using small quarters in the downstairs of the Town Hall, first librarian Mrs. Celia Whitney, together with Charter members Mary Tyler, Rev. Charles Cady, Edson Getman, Sarah Hannas and Ernest Cook made the most of what they had.

With space limited and more people using the Library, it was decided to seek funding for a new building. To meet that goal Rev. Cady began a correspondence with Andrew Carnegie in 1902. Although refusing the idea at first, Rev. Cady was able to convince Mr. Carnegie that the project was worthy. In 1910 Mr. Carnegie donated $7500 to erect a new library building with the understanding that the Town would provide the site and maintain the building after its completion. On August 17, 1910 a dedication service was held officially marking the beginning of The Theresa Free Library that we know today. Over the years our Library has grown and prospered thanks to the many dedicated citizens who have donated their time and leadership to insure the Library survives to serve a new generation.

Today in response to changing times the library houses a computer for anyone to use, and a second one added for research on the Internet. Video and audio tapes have been added as these media types have become popular. We are affiliated with the North Country Library System which keeps new titles coming in on a regular basis.
A very interesting new online service available through the NCLS in cooperation with Northern New York Library Network is the ICEPAC database and search engine. Using it you may search the offerings of this library as well as many others in the north country!

I recently found a site which carries some interesting facts about the Village.


Anyone interested in fishing lures made by W.D. Chapman should visit this site.


If your interested in geneology of Theresa and the surrounding area residents you may be interested in this exhaustive collection of obituaries by Judy Pierce and Rena Putman, both of Redwood, NY. Hint: Because this page is so large you may wish to use the CTRL+F keys in Internet Explorer to search the page for a specific name.


Sadly on December 8, 2003, the Village saw the landmark Getman Hotel be consumed by fire. Read the article and see the video at News 10 Now's website.

A museum of artifacts, memorabilia, and local history is housed upstairs.

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