The Elektrans' Systems


32m Ram, 4.02 gig hd, itsy bitsy monitor, 16 bit color, 800x600 OS: Windows98 Winsock: 2.2 DUN: Win98


Pentium 200MMX, 80MB RAM, 1.2 GB HD, Matrox Mystique 220 PCI video, 17" monitor at 1152x864 res., 32 bit color.
Win95 OSR1, Columbine Bookmark Merge 3.3, Netlaunch 3.14d, DUmeter 2.20, OpWiC 1.06.
DUN 1.2b, Winsock 1.1, dial-up 28800 connection.


home1: p166/64meg 20gig 15inch/trident 975 3dimage pci 1024x768 (usr 56k v90)

home2: celron 333/256meg 36gig 17inch/trident 975 3dimage pci 1280x1024 (usr 56k v90) - (primary box)

office1: p3-500/384meg 54gig 19inch diamond 16meg agp 1600x1280 (dsl host to 6meg bps) (netware)

office2-5 p2-400/64meg 4gig 15inch trident 975 3dimage pci. 1024x768 (netware -> blended shared dsl via proxy or connection sharing)

lap: p90-32meg 1gig active matrix. 800x600 (usr 33.6)

win98 all.


Viglen Contender
P3-450, 256 MB RAM, 16 bit colour, ATI mach64 video with 1152*864 pixels, Windows 98 Second Edition, non-scrolling mouse, MSTCP.DLL version 4.10.2222, MSWSOCK.DLL the same


Pentium 166 laptop, 64meg RAM, NeoMagic video card, ES1887 Audiodrive sound card, running Windows 95b.


Win98 (no SE) installed by 98lite III Pro; 2.1GB HD; AMD 400K6-II; 80mb RAM; USRobotics/3Com 56k modem (connecting at 28.8k max due to rural phone lines); Samsung 700IFT 17" monitor @ 1024x768; ATI Xpert 128 graphics card w/16mb video RAM; Logitech wheel mouse and Trackman FX; HP 820Cse printer; OpWiC 1.06; NextStart 2.12 (menuing & "skinning" program for Windows); Norton SystemWorks incl Norton AntiVirus; IE5 (no OS integration, courtesy of 98lite).


P150+, 48MB RAM, 1.6GB HD, 14" at 640x480 256 colors
OS: Windows95; Winsock: 2.2 Release; DUN: 1.3


Pentinum 133, Intel Alladin chipset, 48 Megs of RAM, 4 Meg Matrox Millennium video card with recent BIOS and drivers, Win95a, Winsock 2.0 (Also using WebWasher)


OS: Windows NT 4 Workstation service pack 4
RAM: 128MB
Disk: 2x4GB FAT partitions on 10GB disk
CPU: Pentium II 366MHz
Machine: Dell CPiAD Notebook, Phoenix BIOS
Video: NeoMagic MagicMedia256AV, 1024x768, 64K colours
Other Software: WinTabs, sometimes OpWic, sometimes slightly modified JunkBuster
Plugins: Acrobat 4, Java 1.1.3, Flash, Shockwave, Quicktime 3, Realplayer 7


amd K5PR133, fic PT2006 mainboard, Award BIOS flash upgraded, 512K pipelined, 16Mb edo RAM, 1.2Gb EIDE disk, ATAPI cdrom, 1.44 floppy, mitsumi serial mouse with intellimouse software, soundblaster PCI 16, videologic grafixstar 600 driving ctx 15" colour monitor @800x600 75Hz with integral speakers, generic 33.6 modem. running windows 3.10 / msdos 6.22, no win32's, no extra TSR's, no nothing. connection via CID, compuserve interactive dialler v2.5.0.


Windows for Workgroups 3.11 under MS-DOS 6.22 100 MHz Pentium, 16MB RAM


AMD K6-2 on an FIC PA-2007 mobo, 96Mb SDRAM, Matrox Mill2+Voodoo1 vidcard, Aureal SQ2500 soundcard, DLink 10BaseT network card, Motorola 56kbps modem; Microsoft Intellimouse.

I connect to the net with a 1.4Mbps ADSL connect.

Running Windows98 with 98Lite removing the "desktop integration" features; plus I use GeoShell r4.x rather than Windows Explorer as a shell. I've installed most of the patches that exist for Win98, and a few that exist for MSIE5.

As background processes, I run the ZoneAlarm firewall, CPUIdle and the SimpleCheck email checker.


Pentium MMX 166 with 64 meg of RAM, 15" monitor 800x600 24 bit truecolor.

CTX 1562 monitor on S3-Virge - DX/GX PCI (375/385) Card

I am running Win98 and ZoneAlarm.

On line via AT&T/MediaOne cable.

Last updated: June 19, 2000

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