Tray Control for OpWiC
version 1.4         8 April 2001
by Josef W. Segur


  1. General Description
  2. Disclaimer
  3. Installation
  4. Usage
  5. Author
  6. Change History

-- I. General Description --

OpWiTray is a 32 bit program which puts an OpWiC icon in the system tray of Windows 9x to control OpWic. (As a 16 bit program, OpWiC can't directly use the system tray.) A left click of the icon will do one of three things: launch OpWiC if it wasn't running, hide OpWiC if it was visible, or make it visible if it was hidden. A right click of the icon displays a menu with those actions plus options to close OpWiC, pause/unpause it, enable/inhibit 'Kill Popups' if OpWiC is using P3 or P4, and of course to exit OpWiTray. If Phil Burns' OpConfig program is in the same directory, the menu will also include an option to open that. The icon tooltip displays 'Launch OpWiC' or 'Hide OpWiC' when those are the left click actions. When OpWiC is running but hidden, the tooltip duplicates the OpWiC caption line.

-- II. Disclaimer --

OpWiTray is freeware. If you decide to use the program, the following applies:

This software is offered for use as is, and no warranty is stated or implied. The author is not responsible for any loss of data, damage to hardware nor any resulting loss of time or revenue resulting from the use of this program. Like all software, this program is utilized entirely at the user's risk.

-- III. Installation --

Files in zip:

  OPWITRAY.EXE    The program.
  OPWITRAY.TXT    This document in plain text.
  OPWITRAY.C      Main source code.
  OPWITRAY.RC     Resource script source.

There's no installation routine. Just put OPWITRAY.EXE in the same directory (folder) as OpWiC.

-- IV. Usage --

When you start OpWiTray, it builds and saves a command line for launching OpWiC. Essentially the line is identical to what launched OpWiTray except OPWITRAY.EXE is replaced by OPWIC.EXE. Any command line arguments thus will be used when OpWiC is launched.

As OpWiTray starts up, it normally launches OpWiC immediately, but this can be prevented by putting a z character (either case) as the first command line argument. This would be useful, for instance, if you wanted to put a shortcut to OpWiTray in your Startup folder so the icon would always be available for launching OpWiC.

OpWiTray can be used with any version of OpWiC. The only slight imperfection with the OpWiC 1.0 beta versions is that the icon right click menu item for pausing OpWiC won't show a check mark for the paused state, though it will work for toggling the state. OpWiC 1.00 release version and later support a status call which OpWiTray uses to control the check mark.

-- V. Author --

Josef W. Segur (Joe)

My email: jsegur@westelcom.com

My homepage: http://www.westelcom.com/users/jsegur/

The latest version of OpWiTray will always be available for download at my homepage.

-- VI. Change History --

*** OpWiTray 1.4          8 April 2001 ***

Fixed menu leak bug. A new right-click menu is created each time it's needed, previous versions failed to destroy the old one.

*** OpWiTray 1.3          5 March 2000 ***

Added an option to the right-click menu to 'Open OpConfig' if OPCONFIG.EXE is in the same directory.

*** OpWiTray 1.2       24 October 1999 ***

Version 1.1 was mishandling the command line used to start OpWiC when installed in a folder with a space in the path. Probably a compiler bug with LCC-Win32. This version is compiled with Microsoft VC++ 4.0 Standard.

*** OpWiTray 1.1       21 October 1999 ***

Added 'Kill Popups' to right click menu when OpWiC 1.04 or later is running with P3 or P4.

**** OpWiTray 1.0        5 August 1999 ****

Initial release.

- End -