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Adirondack Real Escapes’ Listing Summary

(Plus ALL Other Local Lakefront Properties For Sale)

This is a brief summary about ALL lakefront properties for sale in the Brantingham community (that we are aware of) including For Sale By Owner properties!

We have more detailed feature sheets on all of our listings, plus brief summaries about all other local waterfront properties on the market.

The state has required that we say: "This information does not suggest that the broker has a listing in these properties, or that any property is currently available."

You can buy any Brantingham community non-A.R.E. listed property through us and SAVE. See this for more information about how it works.

{In the same vein I often get asked: how can a newly listed property get to be Sale Pending so quickly? The answer is: when I get a lead on a new listing the first people I contact are those who have signed a Buyer Broker Agreement with us. Since these are usually the more serious people, the new listing often gets sold before I have time to post it here.}

Note that the number of lakefront properties currently For Sale in the Brantingham community (all sources) is relatively low. That means you should act promptly when a reasonable choice is available...


Below are the lakefront properties currently for sale in the Brantingham community (i.e. this includes all other brokers’ listings, and all For Sale by Owner {FSBO} properties that are now on the market):

BTW, we have a hard-earned reputation for telling it like it is, which sometimes is not what people want to hear. The current local real estate market status is that there are now fewer Brantingham community waterfront properties for sale than in any time in my recollection (and I have been here over 70 years). For perspective Sellers this is good news. Properties that are priced accurately will sell quickly. Avoid those that are not based on traditional, time-tested valuation methods.

All A.R.E. listing prices are fully supportable by a detailed market valuation, which is based on three comparable recent local sales — which we will gladly show you.

If you hire us as your agent (Buyer Broker), we will provide this same detailed market valuation information for ANY of the properties on this page, including those from our competitors and FSBOs. This service is free!]

[Note: only one of the listings below is Adirondack Real Escapes’, as the rest of ours have been sold. That means we can act as your agent for any of the non-listed properties.]

$199,000: 2000 sq ft two story year round home - 3 BR, 1 B; plus 1 BR apartment; two stall garage, 50 feet of waterfrontage, .5 acre [Lily Pond].

$375,000 (Sale Pending): 1000 sq ft + 2:670 sq ft 1 story cottages - 3+3+3 BR, 1.5+1+1 B; furnished, single garage, one stall boat slip, 72 feet of waterfrontage, .4 acre [Brantingham].

$405,000: 2800 sq ft 2 story home - 5 BR, 3 B; one stall garage, 190 feet of waterfrontage, 1.4 acre [Lily Pond].

$475,000: 2350 sq ft 2 story cottage - 5 BR, 2 B; furnished, detached double garage, one stall boathouse, 250 feet of waterfrontage, .6 acre [Brantingham].

$479,000 (Sale Pending): Two year round homes: 2000 sq ft 2 story cottage - 5 BR, 2 B; furnished; 600 sq ft 1 story cottage - 2 BR, 1 B; furnished; waterfront structure, 110 feet of waterfrontage, .4 acre [Brantingham].

$510,000: 2300 sq ft 2 story cottage - 3 BR, 2 B; furnished, detached double garage, one stall boathouse, 100 feet of waterfrontage, .3 acre [Brantingham].

$625,000: 2400 sq ft 2 story cottage - 3 BR, 3 B; furnished, 2 FP, detached triple garage, detached 700 sq foot 2 BR cottage (not on water) with its own garage, two story one stall boathouse, 66 feet of waterfrontage, .3 acre [Brantingham].

Other local Lakefront Properties, but not on Brantingham Lake itself —>
[Note: these lakes are not connected to Brantingham, and motor boats are not allowed.]

$90,000: Buildable, well treed lot, 150 feet of waterfrontage, 1.2 acre [Lake of the Pines].

$95,000: Buildable, well treed lot, 100 feet of waterfrontage, 1.0 acre [Lake of the Pines].

$165,000: 960 sq ft 1 story cottage - 2 BR, .75 B; furnished, 40 feet of waterfrontage, .2 acre [Pleasant Lake].

Note: All building square footage, waterfront footages, as well as acreage sizes, are approximate.
All information is believed to be accurate, but is not guaranteed.

We cobroke with all other local brokers,
and we can act as YOUR agent for any of these non-ARE listed properties.

The Status of the Real Estate Market in the Brantingham Community is GOOD!

We have heard some negative reports about the US real estate market.

Please do not make the mistaken assumption that when a property is listed for $375,000 and sells for $325,000, that this is an indication of a drop in value. To our knowledge, all such cases were due to the fact that the $375,000 was an inaccurate valuation to begin with. In other words, it was not based on traditional, time-tested valuation methods, but more likely on what the owner said they wanted.

To give you more information on what is transpiring here, we will provide detailed market valuation information (three comparable recent local sales) for ANY of the properties on this page. This service is free for any of our Buyer Broker clients.

As we mentioned in our Welcome Letter, before we can show you any property, New York State law requires that:
    1) we discuss the matter of Agency with you, and
    2) that you make a written choice that you want us to represent you, or the property seller.
Here are some thoughts about this critically important decision.

If there are any questions about these properties, please contact the broker, John Droz, jr.
We are also working on some new listings, so let us know if you have other requirements
(Note: we cobroke our listings with other NYS licensed RE firms.)

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