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ARE Business Philosophies

1- We believe that the real estate business is a SERVICE business. Adirondack Real Escapes (ARE) feels that the best way we can provide consumers a genuine SERVICE is to thoroughly know what we are doing. The primary way we accomplish that, is to focus ALL our efforts into one narrow area of specialization. Our only business is selling waterfront property in the Brantingham Lake community!

Towards this end we offer prospective buyers the opportunity to represent them throughout the purchase, as a Buyer Broker. Those purchasers who choose this option get our premium services. Typically there is no cost for this representation and extra benefits.

2- We will only list property that makes sound economic sense. To that end we carefully inspect (and record information about) prospective for sale property for some 30 criteria that affect its value. This information is entered into our computer, where we have a comprehensive property description database of essentially every property sold in this community over the last 10 years. NO ONE else has this amount of local information.

Three comparable, recently sold properties are selected from the database, and the computer compares each one to the subject property. Dollar adjustments are made for the differences that exist. The computer then averages the three calculations and comes up with an accurately calculated fair market value for the property.

We give the seller a copy of this detailed Comparable Market Analysis (CMA). If the seller will not list the property within 10% of the computer valuation, we will not accept the listing! Although this sounds very logical, surprisingly this is NOT the way many brokers work. Our view is that we are in the Selling business, NOT the Listing business.

Another reason that we are VERY scientific when we calculate property values, is that when we are showing you our listings, we want to be able to PROVE that the listing price is an accurate representation of the property’s value — not just a number that the Seller came up with. That’s why we do what NOBODY else does: make a CMA available for any serious buyer!

3- We will not waste your time. Since we put a high value on our own time, we are respectful of yours as well. If you are a buyer, the listings we show you of ours, will not be unrealistically priced (see #2). Furthermore, when you take the time to visit us, we will give you our undivided attention in showing you around and getting you acquainted with our unusually nice community. We guarantee that it will be a worthwhile trip!

If you are a seller, be assured that we will not bring “Lookers” to your property. We make considerable effort to assess the needs and financial capabilities of every prospective purchaser, before there are any showings. Typically we have a sale within three (3) showings...

4- We believe that our customers and clients should be well-informed. We start to accomplish this by being more informed ourselves (see #1), so that we are better able to answer questions, give references about local trade people, etc. Furthermore we have no qualms about telling you both good and bad points about a property. Lastly, to get you up to speed, we have more handouts than anyone else in the business locally.

5- We know you want maximum exposure. As a buyer, we can show you ANY Brantingham waterfront property, even “For Sale by Owners”! And you can buy ANY of these properties through us for no extra cost (but we do provide extra services!). We actively maintain a computer database that includes detailed information about every waterfront property currently for sale in the metropolitan Brantingham community. EVERY PROPERTY.

If you are a seller, we will expose your property to more potential buyers than any other local real estate firm will. We will give you a handout that details ten main sources we use to make prospective purchasers aware of your property.

6- We try to make every transaction Win-Win. No matter who we represent, it is in everyone’s interest that the sale is beneficial to all parties. Our reputation depends on it!

The net result of these business practices is that
we are involved with the sale of more Brantingham waterfront property than all other local brokers.


If there are any questions about our practices or beliefs, please contact the broker, John Droz, jr.

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