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I often hear people say something like “My dream is to own a Brantingham waterfront property, but I just can’t afford it now.”

Another variation on this theme is “I would really like to buy that $200,000 property, but I can currently only afford to buy something in the $150,000 range. I’ll have to wait until my financial position improves.”

For any serious person with either of these mindsets, I suggest that they reflect on two things:

1) Even though your financial situation may improve in the future, it is likely that the prices of Brantingham properties will have gone up even more. The net effect of this is that you will still not be able to afford a property in five years, or ten years!...

2) Fortunately, there are at least four answers to this predicament:
    a) look CLOSELY at your current budget. In most cases where we have assisted people with this, there have been ways that they can immediately cut their living costs to be able to afford a new mortgage payment. In some cases it may require a sacrifice (a dirty word to many people), so it depends on you just how important it is to own a waterfront Adirondack property.

    b) In a similar vein, CLOSELY examine your current assets. Again, in most cases where we have worked with people on this, there have been items that they can liquidate (or equity that they can free up) that will enable them to make enough down payment so that they can get started.

    c) In addition to these financial management solutions (which we will gladly help you with), there is an excellent piece of financial good news: the Brantingham rental market is very strong!

    What this means to a prospective buyer, is that if you rent your property out for periods that you are not using it, the result could well be that you can afford much more than you have estimated. We have taken a sample recent property for sale and done a rather thorough (and conservative) calculation of just how much it would cost to own it if you do rent it out part-time. We have this information on every property we have listed for sale. Furthermore, if you supply us with information about yourself that differs from our assumptions, we would be glad to redo a calculation specifically for you. Lastly, if you hire us as a Buyer Broker, we will perform this same calculation on ANY waterfront property available in the Brantingham community.

    As a connected perk, we give anyone who buys a Brantingham property through us, FREE rental referrals. These come from the numerous calls, letters, emails, etc. that we receive from people looking to rent on Brantingham.

    d) If there is no solution in the above items, then buying a property with a relative or close friend is another alternative. Just make sure to pick a partner that has similar objectives.
No matter what your situation is, if you are serious about owning a Brantingham property, we will be glad to give you free help. All that we ask in return is that you be fully committed to this objective.

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